Multi Family

Multi-Family Properties

Merced owns or operates 15 affordable communities in seven Texas cities. At Merced Housing Texas, we believe that no one should pay more than 30% of their income for housing.


Resident Services

When you reside in a Merced owned or managed community , you can count on the support of others to pursue your goals in life–education, employment, health, and financial literacy.


Owner-Occupied Repair Program

Merced makes health- and safety-related repairs for extremely low-income senior and disabled homeowners who can no longer afford to keep their homes safe, sanitary or structurally sound. More…

Our Core Values: Respect, Justice, Mercy

Merced Housing Texas creates and strengthens healthy communities by providing quality, affordable, service-enriched housing for individuals and families who are economically poor.

Building and Strengthening Communities

The goal of Merced Housing Texas is to provide not only safe and affordable shelter, but also build communities where opportunities for education, employment, financial literacy and health are enhanced and encouraged.

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